Training Schedule

Whether you have no idea what distance a 5K is or you are a seasoned runner, you can prepare for the upcoming race and not only have fun, but get fit too! Training is all about forming good habits and sticking to the plan. You can do so in 3 ways:

1. With Runners and Walkers in the Community

• Join us throughout the county at 1 or more of our 5 training runs that are held weekly!

  • Running Zone Foundation hosts 5 training runs throughout the week that are free to join in! Water and Gatorade provided.

Sunday Morning, Oars & Paddles Park & Tropical Trail | Around 6:30 AM

Monday Night, Pizza Gallery & Grill | Viera | 6:00 PM

Tuesday Night, Hell n’ Blazes Brewing Co. | 6:30 PM

Wednesday Morning, Eau Gallie Library | 6:00 AM

Thursday Night, Running Zone | Melbourne | 6:00 PM

Checkout our Workout Calendar to join us!

2. At your Company

• Start a group and meet after work to train together

• See if your company has a group already training

• Coordinate with your company leaders if there is a health & wellness program

  • If not, perhaps engage leaders of your company with your involvement in the race!

3. On your Own 

• Download a running or walking training program and shape up over the next 8-12 weeks!

Training Schedule

Includes: Running & Walking